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  • Master Advanced Excel Functions

    I will teach you how to use complex functions like LET and LAMBDA, allowing you to build efficient, clear, and maintainable formulas.

  • Digitize and Automate Your Tasks and Data Analysis

    You will learn to create dynamic solutions that will make you indispensable in any work environment.

  • Develop a Unique Project with Excel

    Gain the skills to complete an innovative project, such as our chess formula project. This will demonstrate your mastery of advanced functions.

  • Create Your Own Ecosystem of Solutions in Excel

    Beyond the basic functions, I will introduce you to a universe of advanced tools and show you how to share your LAMBDA creations.

  • Apply What You've Learned in Real Situations

    I will guide you to apply your advanced Excel knowledge so you can start using it in work or personal projects.


For the ambitious who wish to master everything from LET to LAMBDA, you can create unimaginable formulas, and stand out with solutions only you can create.


  • Master Advanced Excel Functions

    The course will equip you with the knowledge and skills to utilize advanced functions such as LET and LAMBDA, enabling you to create complex and efficient formulas that will transform the way you work with data.

  • Position Yourself as an Excel Expert

    You will gain a deep understanding of Excel’s advanced functions and also improve your ability to apply this knowledge, establishing yourself as a highly competent and versatile professional in Excel.

  • Design Single Formula Solutions

    You will learn to design single formula solutions that automate tedious processes, freeing up time to focus on tasks that add greater value, thereby boosting your productivity and efficiency to new levels.

  • Analyze Data with Ease:

    With access to tools like Dynamic Array Functions and Data Shaping Functions, you will be capable of handling and analyzing your data with ease, gaining valuable insights for decision-making once you explore these modules.

  • Develop Customized Solutions

    The course will challenge you to use your creativity and technical knowledge to build unique projects, such as the Excel chess game, demonstrating your ability to solve problems and think outside the box.

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  • The LET Function: Simplification and acceleration

    Learn to use the LET function to make your formulas more efficient and clear. Less complication, better outcomes. This module equips you to reduce redundancy in your calculations, optimizing your time and effort.

  • The LAMBDA Function: Creating Unique Solutions

    Say goodbye to complex formulas and hello to LAMBDA. This module will teach you how to design custom functions that will elevate your productivity in Excel to unimaginable levels. Prepare for an era of tailor-made solutions.

  • The Advanced Formula Environment: Mastering the Advanced

    Dive into the universe of advanced Excel tools and learn how to share your innovative LAMBDA creations. This module will turn you into the go-to Excel expert for everyone.

  • Recursive LAMBDA Functions: Solving Complex Problems

    Discover the power of recursive LAMBDA functions to tackle complex mathematical and logical challenges. Expanding your horizons has never been so practical and accessible.

  • LAMBDA Helper Functions: Enhancing Your Data Analysis

    This module unveils how LAMBDA helper functions can transform your data analysis, allowing you to handle more complex tasks and deepen your insights. You'll take your data analysis to a higher level, making it possible to process and analyze information in ways previously unimaginable.

Upcoming Modules:

  • Dynamic Array Functions: Unleashed Efficiency

    Master the power of Dynamic Arrays. SORT, FILTER, UNIQUE—transform data handling. Make your spreadsheets dynamic and efficient.

  • Data Shaping Fuctions: Precision Analysis

    Remodel your data for better insights. Learn TOCOL, TOROW, TAKE, DROP, , and more to refine and analyze data like never before.

  • Formula Challenges & Solutions: Sharpen Your Skills

    Face real-world problems. This module offers practical challenges to deepen your understanding and improve your problem-solving prowess.

  • Build a Chess Formula Project: Innovate and Create

    Challenge yourself. Use formulas to build an interactive chess game in Excel. Showcase your creativity and technical skills.

What are you going to get...

  • Dynamic Array Functions

  • Data Shaping Functions

  • The LET Function

  • The LAMBDA Function

  • The Advanced Formula Environment

  • Recursive LAMBDA Functions

  • LAMBDA Helper Functions

  • Build a Chess Formula Project: Foster innovation and creativity

Upcoming Modules:

  • Formula Challenges & Solutions: Sharpen skills.

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  • Practical Learning Tool #1: Valued at $19 USD

    Example Files: Get hands-on with example files that accompany each video lesson, allowing you to follow along in real-time and apply what you learn directly.

  • Practical Learning Tool #2: Valued at $47 USD

    Formula Challenges and Solutions: Test your skills with formula challenges, then deepen your understanding with detailed solution walk-throughs.

  • Creative Application Project: Valued at $27 USD

    Chess Formula Project: Dive into a unique challenge with our Chess Formula Project. You'll receive template files to help you craft an interactive chess game using Excel formulas, pushing your skills to new heights.

  • Community and Support: Valued at $197 USD

    Access to the How to Excel Community: Join an active community of Excel enthusiasts. Ask questions, share answers, and connect with peers who are just as passionate about Excel as you are.

  • Comprehensive Learning Material #1: Valued at $27 USD

    eBook: 51 Excel Functions You Need to Know: Enhance your learning with this eBook, which dives deep into essential Excel functions, complete with examples and practical applications.

  • Comprehensive Learning Material #2: Valued at $97 USD

    YouTube Video and Resources Course: Supplement your learning with exclusive access to additional video content and resources, providing you with a broader understanding of Excel's capabilities.

  • Lifetime Access: Invaluable

    Forever Access to Content and Updates: Your learning journey doesn’t have to end. Enjoy lifetime access to the course content, including all future updates and editions, ensuring you stay at the forefront of Excel mastery.

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  • Practical Learning Tools: Valued at $67 USD

  • Creative Application Project: Valued at $27 USD

  • Community and Support: Valued at $197 USD

  • Comprehensive Learning Materials: Valued at $124 USD

  • Lifetime Access: Invaluable

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  • Practical Learning Tools: Valued at $67 USD

  • Creative Application Project: Valued at $27 USD

  • Community and Support: Valued at $197 USD

  • Comprehensive Learning Materials: Valued at $124 USD

  • Lifetime Access: Invaluable

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The Advanced Excel Formulas Course is a comprehensive guide on how I mastered the most sophisticated aspects of Excel, transforming from a regular user to an expert capable of utilizing advanced functions like LET and LAMBDA, Dynamic Array Functions, and Data Shaping Functions.

This journey allowed me to automate complex tasks, analyze data with unprecedented precision, and create customized solutions such as an interactive chess game entirely within Excel.

What Are Students Saying?

Here's what students are saying about How to Excel video courses.

I thought I was advanced...

Grant M

I thought I was a pretty advanced Excel user based on the relative experience of my other coworkers. I thought I would learn one or maybe two things out of this course but ended up learning almost one new thing on each step! Great Course!

Clear and concise...

Anupama Regi Mathew

I found this course interesting. I absolutely love how the instructor gives a clear and concise explanation of the Excel features to make working on Excel sheets easier.

To the point topics...

Jayadev Meka

To-the-point topics and very needful for any professional working with Excel. I would recommend everyone to go through this course and I am sure many of us do not know some of the content which will become handy in day-to-day life. Worth time spent on this course Thanks, John. I thoroughly enjoyed your course. God bless!

This program is YOUR BLUEPRINT FOR MASTERING EXCEL, elevating your productivity, efficiency, and data analysis capabilities to new heights. It empowers you to leverage your knowledge and skills to solve complex problems, automate tedious processes, and develop innovative solutions, all while establishing yourself as a highly competent and versatile professional in any field.


    1. Introduction

    2. DOWNLOADS: Course Resources

    1. Dynamic Arrays with Non-Array Functions

    2. The SEQUENCE Function

    3. The RANDARRAY Function

    4. The UNIQUE Function

    5. The SORT Function

    6. The SORTBY Function

    7. The FILTER Function

    1. The TAKE & DROP Functions

    2. The CHOOSEROWS & CHOOSECOLS Functions

    3. The TOROW & TOCOL Functions

    4. The WRAPROWS & WRAPCOLS Functions

    5. The VSTACK & HSTACK Functions

    1. The LET Function

    2. Perimeter Calculation with the LET Function

    3. Formatting Formulas

    4. Sorting Lists with the LET Function

    1. The LAMBDA Function

    2. Perimeter Calculation with the LAMBDA Function

    3. Creating Custom LAMBDA Functions with the Name Manager

    4. LAMBDA Function Names [Rules & Conventions]

    5. Sorting Lists with the LAMBDA Function

    6. The ISOMITTED Function

    7. IFOMITTED Custom LAMBDA Function

    8. Updating LIST.RANDOMIZE with Optional Arguments

    1. Installing the AFE Add-In

    2. AFE Overview

    3. AFE Comments

    4. AFE Tips & Tricks

    5. Saving and Sharing LAMBDA's with Github Gists

    6. The LABS.GENERATIVEAI Function

  • $97.00

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Dynamic Arrays

Michael Martinez

Excellent! 5 Stars

Excellent! 5 Stars

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5 star rating


Oluwaseun Olatoye

The introduction was comprehensive yet concise, striking a balance between detail and clarity. I'm eager to delve into the intricacies of the course ahead.

The introduction was comprehensive yet concise, striking a balance between detail and clarity. I'm eager to delve into the intricacies of the course ahead.

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